In flight
we find freedom

Freedom, from gravity

Gravity is a basic law of our universe
One of the first laws of the universe we experience

Life begins with the urge to defy gravity
As a developing fetus we experiment with gravity
And struggle to overcome it and our confining environment

Before we have a word for gravity
We know what it is
Gravity does offer security and predictability in our world

But our world (Earth) is in constant movement
“Complex Movement”
And the earth is never predictable

Shifting tectonic plates

Lunar tides

Revolutions on the Earth’s axis (other kinds of revolutions)

Our solar orbits

The galaxy’s expansion or contraction

And so forth

We are constantly in flight and movement
But secure with our earthly gravity at the same time

Gravity holds us to the Earth
Impeding our freedom to fly?
Yet we are flying, always!
Gravity binds the Earth together
But we have many ways to blow her apart

We want security and we want freedom
And we toy with both
Really, we want control and power

In flight there is a sense of power
Power to defy gravity
Making us feel, temporarily, free

We first witnessed flight in birds, insects and many other animals
We marveled at their ability to fly
We coveted their freedom from the bounds of Earth
We fantasized flying
Mankind developed theories and made designs for methods of flying
Long before we ever flew in our own machines

We have attributed flight to immortal beings
We have done this throughout the history of humanity
Some of these beings we call "Angels"

Angels fly because they are beyond mortal bounds

Most forms of religion i.e. spiritual philosophy, have had angels
Or,,,,“Free From Gravity Types” (F.F.G.T.)

They are always very special

These F.F.G.T.s are close to the “All Powerful Ones” (A.P.O.s)

A.P.O.s don’t need to fly
They are everywhere at once
Seeing all, hearing all, knowing all, and being all

Like a good security system

A.P.O. SECURITY, have you heard of them?

A.P.O.'s are like “Gravity Personified”
Holding us to them
Containing us
Are we protected and nurtured by them or,
Imprisoned by our faith in them?

Back to angels….

Angels have physical wings, (creative interpretations)
We can relate to wings
Like in the natural creatures afore mentioned
We know what they look like and what they do

Physical reality!

Wings say flight!
Wings are flight
The most significant visible mechanism of flight
They symbolize flight and freedom and…. Special
Pilots of airplanes wear wings as a symbol of their right and skill to
Fly airplanes and be in charge of our very lives
They are special!

Angels are in charge and have the right to
Witness, implement and enforce
They enforce the will of the A.P.O. in your district
They carry out the dictates and dictums of the A.P.O.

Loose the angel and keep the wing!
Is it dismemberment or clarification?
("Less" being "More", in some cases)

To dissect the wing from the F.F.G.T.
Do we remove the will of the local A.P.O.?

Are we free?
Have we defied gravity?
Or, have we just collected a fetish?
Like pilot’s wings?

Post Script: In my installation “In Flight” I symbolically control flight!
The wings in the installation symbolize that control!
By controlling flight, I express my desire to be aligned with an
“All Powerful One”.
Do you think one is near?
The installation is a prayer!
Art is a prayer, and a sign,

That,,,,, we are really here!

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