17 SEPTEMBER, 2005.

    Photography by Jim Mayfield, jimayfield@sbcglobal.net

Frank Williams:
Public address delivered 17 September, 2005 for 25th anniversary celebration

Northwest Arkansas Times:
Artist Frank Williams recalls construction of Wilson Park Castle, BY SARAH K. TERRY
Designer returns to celebrate 25th anniversary of Wilson Park castle, BY KATE WARD
The Morning News:
Artist, Community Celebrate 'Point 7', BY AMY M. COTHAM

"We are happy to announce that the Gargoyle has been mounted and looks really great! It has been up for a while now, I haven't been at my computer much to let you know. Hopefully, you will find a photo or two attached. It is sort of a "surprise" to people because you really have to be paying attention to see it. When they do, they absolutely love it. Thank you for the wonderful gift."

Lisa Netherland, Horticulturist
Fayetteville Parks and Recreation
December 12, 2006



In the process of working on the POINT 7 Castle and Sculpture Garden in 1979 and 80 two unrealized sculptures, OLD GUARD and PAN were designed for the project. Then funding was halted before the bronzes could be made.

After consulting with Fayetteville Parks Department Personal and receiving initial positive response in early autumn of 2004 I recreated the two figures as scale models to be cast in bronze.

I also began the Gargoyle head, now cast in bronze and installed in the dam at POINT 7. The Gargoyle is my personal donation to the Fayetteville City Parks Department to replace the original ceramic version that was destroyed by vandals shortly after the castle dedication in 1980.

There are molds of the models with waxes ready to cast in bronze for OLD GUARD and PAN at my Moscow studio.

My hope is that there will be interest in creating these sculptures at full scale to be included in the POINT 7 Castle and Sculpture Garden in the not too distant future.

I sincerely hope there is interest in this retro project. It would be a meaningful enhancement of the POINT 7 project which I began in 1979.

Frank Williams 2005

For further information or ways to help impliment these sculptures please contact:
James Key, jimkey@keyarchitecture.net, or Frank Williams, fw@frankwilliams.ru


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