On November 5, 1988 the Art League of Houston will be presenting SPACE ALTERNATIVE, a conceptual sculpture exhibition, at the Downtown Public Library.

This exhibition's design is to create a dialogue between art and science. More significantly, it will emphasize the collaboration between art and the Space industry, a unique and timely concept. It will be a planned dichotomy of fact and fantasy, a marriage of what is and what might be. This exhibit could well be the first step in actually establishing a long-range project that will not only place a unique or rare work in space, but make art an integral part of the inevitable culturalization of space, this also is its intent.

The 18 artists who will be exhibiting their work are: Gertrude Barnstone, Pamela Blotner, Robert Bourdon, Ronny Derutte, Michael Galbreath & Jack Massing (The Art Guys), Robert Graham, Meredith Jack, Paul Kittelson, Haydn Larsen, Jesus Bautista Moroles, Mark A. Muhick, Don Redman, Lisa Schoyer, George Smith, Nestor Topchy, Frank Williams and Ben Woitena. They will be exhibiting drawings, maquettes and sculptures: conceptual, hypothetical, and concrete ideas toward this end.

NASA is providing photographic documentation from its collection. Various locations in outer space will enhance the exhibit and assist the artists in presenting their works.

A youth exhibition will be shown in conjunction to the sculpture exhibition. Students work will be chosen from Kindergarten through 12th grade in the H.I.S.D. system. Awards and scholarships will be granted.

Photography by Micheal Simpson

"SPACE ALTERNATIVE exhibit at Public Library", Art League of Houston, January/February 1989

Fantastic sculptures by 17 Houston artists, and a large Space-inspired print by Dan Allison, were on display at the Houston Public Library downtown during November and December. The exhibit was sponsored by the Art League of Houston in conjunction with N.A.S.A. Frank Williams, Chairman of the Art League's Exhibition Committee, served as curator for this fine exhibit... Some of the sculptures were installed on the Plaza outside the library where they were enjoyed by the thousands of pedestrians who stroll and skate through the plaza every day.


Special thanks to Lisa Schoyer for her many hours of help in producing the documentation for Space Alternative. Her computer skills and organizational input were vital to the preliminary stages of this exhibit.

Frank Williams, Moscow 2005

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